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Transaction Size:$1500 - $15,000
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Wrapping a vehicle with your business information turns a vehicle into a rolling billboard.

You have more than likely seen a wrapped vehicle before, and you might even be thinking about wrapping one of your vehicles now.Wrap Financing is one of many financing options available through our funding suite. This type of financing is for business owners who want to “wrap” their vehicle with graphics.

Wrapping a vehicle turns it into a mobile billboard. Everywhere you go your car is advertising your business. Many business owners swear by this marketing technique and insist it brings them significant amounts of business. But, most business owners don’t know that they can obtain financing to wrap their vehicles or even the windows in their business.

This is the reason so many business owners are using wrapping as a main form of advertising their business. But vehicle wrapping can be expensive ranging from $2,000-50,000, so many business owners miss out due to the cost.

We offer financing so you can obtain a graphic wrap for company vehicles. You can get approved within 24 hours, and you can be approved even if you are a new business. You clients can even secure multiple wraps for different vehicles.

Loan amounts range from $1,500-15,000, and you clients can qualify with even a low 600 type credit score.  Although our programs do not need personal guarantees for our credit programs, you can get started immediately with your personal credit while we are building  your business credit profile.

This program will work for you even if they you challenged personal credit now. You don’t need any financials, no tax returns are required, nor do you need a P&L or balance sheet.  Now you can finance your vehicle wrap, ramp up your marketing efforts, and pay for it as your vehicles are on the road advertising your business and helping to bring in revenue.

This is a great funding program to help anyone wanting to wrap a vehicle to be able to do so without typing up precious capital.

Wrapping a vehicle sometimes costs upwards of $2,500 or more. But with financing available this makes it much more affordable for business owners.

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