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Transaction Size$5,000 up to $200,000
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“Hillcrest Financial really helped us achieve our financial goals. The expert advice we received has truly ensured that our businesses financial standing is stable.”

Amanda Seyfried
Sr. Purchasing Officer, Cleveland, OH

A Merchant Cash Advance Can Allow Your Business to Succeed 

When it comes to acquiring rapid funding for business needs, a merchant cash advance can be an ideal option. Unlike small business loans, this financing solution can provide decreased payment terms and swifter access to funds in exchange for any future credit card sales. For those businesses with pressing financial needs, Hillcrest Financial can offer funding that greatly diminishes the lengthy waiting period often associated with traditional loans.

Secure the Right Financing for Your Business 

We can provide a number of businesses with financing options suited to their exact needs. Whether you are in search of assistance related to expansion, advertising expenditures, inventory costs, or any other financial concern, we have the expertise necessary to secure a suitable program. We even offer access to funds up to $200,000 to cover a variety of costs related to operating your business.

Merchant Cash Advances Can Afford Numerous Benefits

For those businesses seeking rapid results, a merchant cash advance is the obvious choice. These advances also entail a far simpler loan process than associated with other types of funding, which is important for high-volume businesses. Other benefits include:

  • Retention of existing equity
  • Easy-to-understand repayment terms
  • No fixed payment amounts
  • No closing costs or application fees

Business Success Is Just a Call Away

At Hillcrest Financial, we have the experience necessary to help your business thrive. For more information on our many financing options, please contact us today.

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