Equipment Leasing and Finance

Transaction Size$3,000 - $50,000,000

Equipment Lease Types Can Vary Greatly

At Hillcrest Financial, we afford a variety of lease types to our clients to ensure a suitable match. Such options include:

  • Startup Leasing – Emerging businesses must have the right equipment to ensure success. We can provide the necessary funding for such items, no matter the business’s needs.
  • Leasing Suited to Poor Credit Ratings – For those businesses with poor credit ratings, we can help reestablish financial stability without incurring additional debt.
  • Sale and Lease Back of Existing Equipment – For equipment already owned by a business, sale and lease back can be extremely beneficial. This will afford an influx of money when needed most, and the equipment becomes yours again once the lease is paid for.
  • Governmental Leasing – We can even offer leasing for governmental and municipal entities, such as police departments, schools, and libraries.

Equipment Leasing Can Be an Ideal Option for Many

Equipment leasing can be an ideal option for a variety of businesses seeking more reasonable loan terms. In many cases, equipment leasing entails much smaller monthly payments, thereby reducing some of the financial burden. Another benefit of such programs are fixed payments, which can be useful for budgeting purposes.

For those businesses with a number of equipment redundancies on site, equipment financing can be a great way to reduce unnecessary items while also securing financing. Other benefits include a decrease in taxes, as well as the ability to preserve existing credit lines for future expenses.

Secure the Equipment Your Business Needs 

Hillcrest Financial can help your business secure the equipment it needs for continuous success. For more information, please contact us today.

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