Bridge and Hard Money Financing

Transaction Size$1,000,000 - $100,000,000

Short-Term Financing Options Allow Your Business to Thrive 

Bridge loans can afford a variety of businesses with much-needed funding in a relatively short period of time, while also preventing mountains of debt of accruing in the process. Fortunately, Hillcrest Financial has the expertise necessary to help your company achieve an optimum funding solution no matter what. 

Take Advantage of Our Strong Partnerships

Thanks to our years of industry experience, Hillcrest Financial has forged many strong working partnerships. This allows us to afford immediate funding to our clients, which is crucial to cover the necessary expenses that can suddenly arise during the course of business. With our financing assistance, you can rest assured that your business will stay afloat during rough economic times.

Information on Hard Money Loans

Thanks to the many details involved in securing short-term financing, being fully informed to the process is integral for a company to receive funding best suited to its needs. Such information includes:

  • Rates can range from 9% to 14% based on a company’s capital
  • Collateral options include commercial real estate
  • Origination fees can extend from 1% to 4%
  • Lending is available to both national and international companies
  • Loan amounts range from $1,000,000 to $100,000,000
  • Eliminating liability entails an interest-only option
  • Loan-to-value ratios are available up to 80%

Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investors and Rehab Specialists

If you are a real estate investor and are building your portfolio of rental properties or strictly rehabbing properties and selling to the end buyer, give us a call. We have a diverse mix of programs to help you accomplish your goals.

Hard Money Loan Criteria and Rates:

  • Loan Size: $50,000 to $5,000,000
  • Nationwide Lending Area
  • Collateral: We lend mainly on commercial real estate, including raw land and development projects
  • Interest Rate: 9% to 14%
  • Amortization: Interest Only
  • LTV: Up to 80%
  • Origination Fee: 1 to 4%
  • Closing Time: 5 Days to 1 Month

Lending Solutions Ideal for Your Business

Hillcrest Financial affords every client with ideal short-term loan options. For more information on this and the many other financing programs we afford, please call today.

How can we help your business grow?

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“Hillcrest Financial really helped us achieve our financial goals. The expert advice we received has truly ensured that our businesses financial standing is stable.”

Amanda Seyfried
Sr. Purchasing Officer, Cleveland, OH

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