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“Hillcrest Financial really helped us achieve our financial goals. The expert advice we received has truly ensured that our businesses financial standing is stable.”

Amanda Seyfried
Sr. Purchasing Officer, Cleveland, OH

You can be approved for a 3-10 year loan or credit line for your insurance business, even if you have average credit.  And all you truly need to qualify is a book-of-business of renewable commissions. You can even use the book-of-business for the insurance agency you are buying as collateral to get approved.

We specialize in structuring insurance agency loans and insurance agency financing for new and current Captive and Independent Insurance brokers. Our insurance agency loan specialists understand the unique financing needs of the agency practitioner. Since 2004, we’ve helped numerous insurance agency owners acquire, build, expand, equip and refinance their business and real estate debts. When you are ready, we will work with you to understand your specific financing needs and design a personalized plan to help you meet your goals. Here at Hillcrest Financial, our financing solutions offers insurance agency practitioners the full scope of financing to meet their specific needs. Over the years, we have developed a streamlined approval process that offers our clients quick answers and speedy results.

Easy to Get Approved!

Insurance agents rave about how easy this program is to qualify for. The lenders are mainly looking to insure you have a viable book of renewable commissions for your insurance agency. If you do, you can be approved even with a 620 personal credit score.

You can secure as much as 120% of the surrender value of your renewable commissions. And most agencies can qualify, excluding State Farm.  All you need for approval is a complete application and breakdown of your renewables.

You can rates as low as 4% over the Prime rate and you can get loan terms as long as 10 years helping keep your payments low.

Get Approved when Banks Say “No”!

Book-of-business financing is the absolute best long-term solution for insurance agents who can’t secure SBA, conventional type loan financing. With Book-of-business Financing your business doesn’t need to be perfect, nor do you need to supply the extensive documentation that lenders typically demand.   You can get approved with just a quick review of your credit and renewable commission breakdown.

Unlike conventional financing you don’t need good credit, you can be approved even with severely challenged personal credit and scores as low as 520.  Lenders are actually more interested in you supplying 3 solid references than they are with you having good credit.

Loan Parameters

Loans start at a 1-10 year amortized program specifically tailored for Insurance agencies. The insurance industry is usually restricted in most funding platforms due to the unique nature of premium ownership to assignable policies. Book of Business funding uses policy ownership as a tangible asset to borrow against. Loans range from 20K to 25M. Asset values generally are 10% of book value.  For example, a $3 Million book of business would yield $300,000 of tangible asset to lend against. Each deal is and will be treated as unique and tailored to the needs of the client. Typical use of funds are: Acquisitions, Working Capital, Expansion, and debt consolidation.

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