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Gary provides clients with hands on attention and care. He has been offering his honest and sound legal representation for over 20 years. Gary Nitzkin graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Business. He graduated from Wayne State Law School in 1987 and went on to become a certified public accountant. In forming Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers, he recognized the many abuses inflicted by large banks, debt collectors and credit reporting agencies upon consumers and decided to do something about it. He takes great pleasure in securing a measure of justice and satisfaction for his clients.

“The creditor continued to put hard hit inquiries on my credit report after bankruptcy. Gary forced them to remove all the negative inquiries that were causing my score to drop. Gary was very knowledgeable. He gave me his undivided attention. He told me with confidence that we’ll win this and he did! He knew how to stop them. I liked Gary because he broke down the language so I understood the lawyer talk. He did what he said he would do in a timely manner.”

Nurse Client, Southfield,MI

Learn more about what a debt collector can and cannot do

Many debt collectors are out of control today. They will stop at nothing to collect money from you. They call people at home, at work and even on their cell phones today. These calls are not only embarrassing but in many instances, the debt collectors are abusive, threatening and intimidating. We can stop all of that right now!

If you are receiving telephone calls from a debt collector, call us for a free, no obligation consultation. We can stop the telephone calls immediately.

Knowledge is power. Let us shift the power from them to you.

Debt collectors are trained in the laws of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. They know what they can and cannot do. They equally know that the consumers that they call are not nearly as knowledgeable about their rights under the law. Call us and we will level the playing field so you know your rights and more importantly, know what actions the bill collectors cannot take or threaten you with.

Our services are free for you.

Our services are free to you. We sue debt collectors for not only the money they owe you for violating your rights, but we make them pay our fees and costs as well. Our services are free to you. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires bill collectors and collection agencies to treat you with respect. When these credit collectors make harassing phone calls to you or send threatening demand letters, they violate your rights under the law. When these debt collectors and creditors threaten, lie or yell at you, we go to work to stop the harassment and we make THEM pay YOU.


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