Referral and Broker Program

Partner With Us Through Our Referral and Broker Program

The Referral and Broker Program at Hillcrest Financial gives referrals and brokers the opportunity to preview or submit potential clients and deals with us to determine whether we can provide funding. If you introduce a client or a deal in which we provide credit services, structure business credit or finance, we can offer you highly competitive referral fees and commissions.  We work with all industries, and with over 7000 lenders, you’ll find it difficult to beat our team of financial partners!

What to Expect From Our Program

In certain cases, including high-value loans and large project financing, we must work directly with your client, but you never have to worry about us cutting you out of your deal. You still receive your fees and commission, and if any of your clients bring their business back to us in the future, we send them back to you. We recognize the importance of our partnerships with our brokers and referrals. We strive to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships, and we always safeguard our sources.

Benefits of Joining Our Team

Hillcrest Financial is looking to hire new brokers to fill regional positions across the nation. If you’re wondering whether working with us is the right fit, consider the following points:

  • Would you like working with a company that boasts strong growth and a national presence?
  • Is securing timely funding for your high-value deals currently difficult because your employer lacks the financial resources to take on large deals?
  • Does earning a reasonable commission that truly reflects the amount of effort you put into lining up your deals sound appealing?
  • Would you prefer working with the support of a highly motivated, experienced team that focuses exclusively on securing financing for your clients?
  • Would you enjoy the opportunity to work from any location you choose while leveraging our name and resources?

If so, we would love to hear from you. We are always ready to partner with ambitious and experienced brokers who are willing to put in the effort and thrive with us.

Schedule Your Interview

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How can we help your business grow?

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“Hillcrest Financial really helped us achieve our financial goals. The expert advice we received has truly ensured that our businesses financial standing is stable.”

Amanda Seyfried
Sr. Purchasing Officer, Cleveland, OH

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